Project Description


Aluminum 30W LED work light (750-3000 Lm) with replaceable module and battery pack on the back. Ideal if you want to work longer on battery or replace a defective battery pack.

Hence you can use the light longer and dispose a battery pack more easily. This contributes to a longer product lifetime, more efficient recycling and reduction in carbon footprint. This makes TAB87130 a green choice!

TAB87130 replaces ref. TAB87120 and TAB87140.


230V adapter


  • 30W SMD-LED

  • 750 - 3000 Lm

  • 11,1V 4400 mAh

  • 230V

  • 2-8 h

  • 6-7 h

  • IP54

  • 252 x 143 x 329mm

  • 2120g

  • 8717903611524

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