Who we are and what we do
TAB Professional Lighting® is the exclusive brand of importer and distributor TOOL & BOX, a family owned business (Est. 1996).
As our name suggests we originally started our sales activities with a range of hand tools, tool cabinets and chests.

In 2002 we first saw the advantages of LED technology used in professional work lights. Gradually we shifted our focus to this exciting new category and expanded our portfolio with various lamps. In 2006 we launched our own professional lighting brand TAB, short for Tool And Box.

We sell our products only through professional trade channels in the Benelux and Germany.
We do not sell to end-users.

What we believe is important
• Doing business in an honest and simple manner
• Providing high quality products at the right price – value for money
• Creating long-term profitability for all trade parties

Brand positioning
TAB Professional Lighting® makes light work for you at a fair price. Good quality, right functionality and professional appearance go hand in hand with affordability. Our broad portfolio meets the needs of end-users working in building/construction, industrial maintenance, automotive and agriculture.

The variety and pace of innovation within the LED lighting category is immense. When assembling and developing our range we constantly look out for the latest, most advanced technologies. Each TAB light is unique in terms of its design, functionality, durability, light output and energy efficiency.

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