In a heavily soiled, dusty or humid environment you may also require good lighting. Think of manufacturing, automotive and machine maintenance/repair, asbestos cleaning, marine inspection, repair work in electrical cabinets, pipe and plant shafts, etc.

Accordingly, TAB10944 is a reliable choice. With the highest protection rating of IP68 this lamp is 100% protected against dust, dirt, oil, chemicals and water (up to 30 mins at a depth of 1.5m).

Next to a dimmable work light with a wide beam angle, a flashlight function is available to produce a focused light. Thanks to the swivelling grip, magnets and a suspension hook the lamp can be used hands-free from many angles; create light where it is needed!

With an impact resistance value of IK09, the housing can withstand powerful shocks up to 10 Joule. The construction is so strong that the lamp can theoretically be run over by a lightweight vehicle.

So when the going gets tough, always bring a TAB10944 with you.