The new TAB2424 is a premium rechargeable torch. Behind the high-quality acrylic lens sits a powerful Cree® Power-LED with 5 different light modes, including strobe and SOS function. The maximum light output is 1100 Lm.

By turning the head, the light beam can be adjusted from wide (flood) to focus (spot). At full focus, the beam distance is over 1 kilometre! This allows you to change the function of the lamp instantly: from tactical flashlight to hand-held searchlight.

The high-quality aluminium housing (IP65) ensures optimum heat dissipation and reduces overall weight. The on-off switch is also a battery indicator that timely indicates when the lamp needs to be recharged via the closeable USB-C port.

The lamp comes with a complete package including: 230V adapter, 1m USB-C charging cable, a wrist strap and a beautifully finished nylon belt holster that is exclusively designed for this lamp.

Finally, as a set of colour filters (red, green, blue) is available separately. Ideal for hunting, fishing or forensic use, for example.

TAB2424 replaces model TAB2423.