Powerful rechargeable work lamps use built-in battery packs that are often not replaceable when they die. The lamp then has to be replaced in its entirety. Unnecessary and a waste, as often the lamp still works because the LEDs last longer than the battery pack.

All in all, a reduced product lifetime is bad for the environment and more costly.

During recycling, built-in battery packs must be removed. If this proves too difficult, the lamp is thrown away in its entirety, releasing battery packs unnecessarily into the environment and causing additional pollution.

TAB87130 has a replaceable module at the back that consists of a battery pack, charging point, on-off switch and battery indicator. Buy an additional module to work on battery for a longer time, replace it when it has reached end of life or when it’s defective. Is the battery pack itself broken? It too can be ordered separately and easily replaced in the module.

All this contributes to a longer product life, more efficient recycling and a reduction of our carbon footprint.
So with TAB87130, you are making a very green choice!