Colouring the world green, literally. That’s possible with TAB45072G. This 72W LED floodlight is equipped with energy-efficient green LEDs that illuminate its surroundings (e.g. a building, a construction site or industrial area) in a 100% green colour.

Advantages green light versus white light

  • Less disturbing to the environment (neighbours, traffic, animals)
  • Our eyes get used to the transition from dark to green light much faster
  • Safer: surveillance cameras identify/observe better under green light

TAB45072G last a long time thanks its life time of approx. 50,000 hours and a strong aluminium housing (IP66) with stainless screws and impact-resistant glass.

Final remark

Compared to green halogen lamps, TAB45072G uses up to 90% less energy.
That is also quite green.