When luminaires are mounted directly on walls, the light distribution is reduced. With our wall arms or mounting brackets, LED luminaires can be mounted at a distance from a façade or wall, allowing more surface area to be illuminated. Ideal for advertising lighting, illuminating façades, company logos, etc.

In addition, there is our high-quality scaffolding clamp, suitable for attaching LED floodlights to a horizontally, vertically or diagonally positioned scaffolding tube. Equally convenient is the large adjustable diameter: 28-62 mm.

Finally, we offer mounting brackets for placing 1, 2 or 3 LED luminaires on top of a pole/light mast. A great solution in case a larger area needs to be illuminated directly from above, e.g. large car parks, construction sites or industrial areas.

All accessories are suitable for our 230V LED floodlights e.g. TAB45050, TAB45150 and TAB45072G .