Do you need temporary lighting for construction or renovation, indoors and outdoors?
Are you looking for flexibility in length, so you can illuminate long corridors, fences or tunnels?
Do you want to use lighting for a long period of time at one location e.g. a warehouse or workshop?
Would you like to be able to use lighting within arm’s reach?

All of that is possible with TAB20515. This robust 15m light cable is equipped with 5 x 20W powerful, energy-efficient LED lamps (12,000 LM) with impact-resistant basket protection. Easily extendable to approx. 500m on 1 socket via the linkable male/female plug system. Certified for use within arm’s reach (Class II ).


  • High light output, low consumption (up to 90% energy cost saving vs. halogen)
  • Low maintenance costs due to long service life (approx. 50,000 burning hours)
  • Indoor and outdoor use (IP65)
  • Easy to extend up to approx. 500m