TAB87205 illuminates your work and helps to keep your workplace safe. The rechargeable work light has 3x UVC LEDs (270-280 nm) for disinfection of tools, door handles, telephones, gloves, cups, etc. UVC kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present on a surface within 2 seconds.

Advantages of disinfection with UVC-LED
• Quick: within 2 sec
• No chemicals
• No traces
• No warm-up time required

In addition, TAB87205 can also be used as a regular work light via 10x SMD-LEDs (500 Lm).

Quartz glass lens
Safety glasses (EN166/UV380)
USB cable, 230V charger and UVC test card
Motion sensor and infrared sensor

Always wear the safety glasses provided when using the UVC function. Also wear safety gloves and skin covering clothing. Before first use, please read the product manual thoroughly.